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  How to pour a perfect
GUINNESSBlack and Tan

These are the directions for pouring from a tap, either at a pub or on a kegerator.

1. Hold your pint glass at an angle, and fill just over halfway with Bass Ale*.

2. Slow the flow control of the Draught Guinness tap down to a trickle.

3a. Fill to the top, letting the Draught Guinness hit the side of the glass...


3b. Pour Draught Guinness over an upside-down spoon to dispense the flow.

4. Let surge and settle. Enjoy!

* You can substitute Bass Ale with Smithwick's, Harp Lager, cider, etc.

For GUINNESS based drink recipes check out The Great Guinness Recipe Collection!

Variations of the Guinness Black and Tan theme...
Half and Half
In Ireland, a traditional Half and Half consists of half warm or room temperature Guinness and half chilled Guinness. In the early days, refrigeration was of course unavailable. As refrigeration came into existence in the 20th century, it was found that a mixture of the two temperatures created the perfect drinking temperature for Guinness. Most Guinness poured in Ireland is served at about this temperature, roughly 44 degrees Fahrenheit (6° Celsius). In the United States, Half and Half consists of Harp's Lager topped with Guinness. Half and half implies that both ales come from the Guinness Brewery.
Black Honey 
Half Guinness and Half Honey Brown.
Black and White
Stout with any light colored beer.
Black and Blue
Stout with Blue Moon Belgian White, or stout and blueberry ale, Guinness and Pabst Blue Ribbon, Guinness and Labatt Blue. Typically, this refers to any variation of stout coupled with blueberry-flavored ales or brands with the name "Blue" in them.
Black & Sam
Guinness stout and Samuel Adams Boston Lager (also called a Patriot Pint or Boston Half and Half)
Black & Cherry
Guinness stout and Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat
Black and Orange
Stout and pumpkin ale (Also known as a "Black & Blumpkin", or a "Black-O-Blumpkin", also called a Stumpkin in some circles)
Black Sap or Black Jap or Black Nip
Stout and Sapporo
All Irish Black & Tan a.k.a. Pint of Special a.k.a Blacksmith
Guinness Stout and Smithwick's Irish Ale
Pint of Special or sometimes called a 99
Similar to the all Irish Black and Tan served mostly in the west of Ireland. Made with more than 75% Smithwick's topped up with a Guinness head
Black and Red
Guinness and Killians Irish Red Lager. 
Old Dirty Englishman aka Tetness
Half Guinness and half Tetley's
Black Bee
          Half Guinness and half Boddington's Ale
Sweet Black and Tan (Scottish)
Sweetheart Stout and any light ale (i.e. 60 shilling)
Philadelphia Black & Tan
Half Guinness and half Yuengling Lager
Black & Gold
Half Guinness Stout and half hard cider (e.g., Magners or Woodchuck). Sometimes incorrectly referred to as a snakebite, which is actually a mixture of half lager and half cider. When made specifically with Woodchuck Cider it is also called a Stout Woody and a Black Chuck
Black Christmas (or Kwanzaa)
Guinness draught over Christmas Ale.
Black & Red
Half chocolate stout over half raspberry or cherry lambic
Black & Red or Jamacian Black & Tan
Half Guinness and half Red Stripe
Black Hoe
Half Guinness and half Hoegaarden.
Thistle & Shamrock
Beamish & McEwan's
Irish American
Half Guinness and half Budweiser or Miller.
Irish Canadian
Half Guinness and half Molson Canadian
Black Castle
Half Guinness and half Newcastle Brown Ale
San Patricios
Half Guinness and half any Mexican beer (Corona, Pacifico, Dos Equis, Negro Modelo)
Black Tire
Half Guinness and half New Belgium Fat Tire
Irish Anarchist
Any Irish stout atop any Irish red ale. The name is a reference to the anarchist-syndicalist flag, which is black and red.

The Greatness : Half Guinness and Half Great White. (Great White is from Lost Coast Brewery in Eureka, Ca.)

Eclipse/Black Moon
Half Guinness and Half Blue Moon
Black Girl
Half Guinness and St Pauli Girl
Tetness Shot
Part Guinness and part Tetley's and part Starbucks Coffee Liqueur. Be careful; this one stings a bit!
Blacks on Blondes
Half Young's Double Chocolate Stout and half Pete's Wicked Strawberry Blonde
Green Goblin 
Half Heinken and half Hobgoblin
Imperial Black & Tan 
Half Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale and half Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout
Dark & Steamy 
Half Anchor Steam Beer and half Guinness
Black Magic
Half Guinness and Half Magic Hat #9
Dirty Bush (Traditional)
Half stout Guinness half Bush Light Mixed Seasonally.
Red Velvet
Half Guinness, Half Raspberry Cider Jack
Black Velvet
Half Guinness and half Champagne or sparkling wine



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